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This is another of the fake emails currently doing the rounds. This one, apart from the raft of spelling errors (I am sure that WYP would know how to spell in English, rather than use American spellings), is so clearly a fake as to be laughable!  The phrase "Court of Justice Perversion Offense" is a silly phrase written by someone who does not know what the legal terms and courts are called in the UK. (So as not to help them write a better version I am not going to correct it here!)

Finally, the biggest giveaways of all are (1) I don't drive, and (2) I don't have a vehicle registered to me.

So, if like me, you have had one of these ridiculous fake emails, please don't worry about it. Just delete it.

If, on the unlikely chance you get a follow up letter via the post along the same lines I'd suggest you bin that too but if you get one and are unsure just ask the nice folks at West Yorkshire Police and I'm sure they will confirm its fakery or otherwise.

I am unsure of the reason why they send these out, as there is no request for funds attached, but there will be some sort of scam somewhere, so please don't fall for these fake emails.

With reference to a road traffic offence Speeding - exeed 30 miles per hour on restricted road - automatic camera device at 11:23 on 04/04/2017 at location Wakefield Road, Kinsley Between Holgate Terrace & Hoyle Mill Road.

We possess the information that you are not the operator of the vehicle any more. Although, DVLA records still do not have any updated details pertaining to information about the operating owner of the automobile.

In such a manner, seeing that you are the supposed last RECORDED owner of the aforementioned automobile, we shall ask you to assist us with tracking and identifying the new owner of the vehicle.

During the course of several days, you will receive the official letter that will contain the Notice of Intended Prosecution. Please review and study it as soon as it comes to your mail.

Copy of the NIP

In case if you were the actual driver, there is the penal responsibility. Namely, stating someone else as the driver of the vehicle under prosecution constitutes the Court of Justice Perversion Offense. This may lead to considerable fine applied or jail sentence.

Copyright 2017 West Yorkshire Police CENTRAL PROCESS BUREAU
PO BOX 1105
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