Author Topic: Suddenly cannot CHMOD files via AceFTP Pro  (Read 3648 times)

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Suddenly cannot CHMOD files via AceFTP Pro
« on: December 05, 2008, 03:20:11 PM »
Using AceFTP Pro and trying to CHMOD a file, the server returns a message:

Server does not support attribute modifications

Checking the file properties you see that the CHMOD options are greyed out. (Image1 attached)
Checking the AceFTP Pro logfile you should see a problem message. (Image 2 attached)

The command to the server has probably been corrupted in transmission or only part of it arrived at the server, so the server went HUH? Can't do that! which AceFTP Pro assumed meant that the server wouldn't allow CHMOD at all, so it marks the site profile as no CHMOD and greys out the permission options.

Create a new site profile for the site and connect using that rather than the broken profile, and you should see the permissions are accessible again. (Image 3 attached)  8-)

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