Our Terms of Business

Astarte Web Design

The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 requires us to declare certain information about our business publicly. The following paragraph is designed to satisfy those requirements:

Astarte Web Design is the trading name of
Anne Nichols, 4 Drovers Way, Burton, Carnforth. LA6 1HU.


By trading with Astarte Web Design you are deemed by law to have accepted the Terms of Business as set out below.

All terms and conditions are as governed by UK law.

Astarte Web Design will at all times endeavour to meet the Customer's requirements and delivery date but cannot be held responsible for delays outside its reasonable control.

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and content of any and all information published within his/her web pages.

It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure material he/she supplies to Astarte Web Design for publication on the Internet is not in breach of copyright or UK law.

Where there are possible copyright concerns it is the Customer's responsibility to obtain the relevant permission prior to publication of any copyrighted material.

The Customer shall indemnify Astarte Web Design against any claim made for breach of copyright law or other UK legislation.

Astarte Web Design cannot accept liability in respect of information published by the Customer.

Acceptance of the Customer by Astarte Web Design is not an endorsement of the Customer's products and/or services.

Astarte Web Design shall supply the Customer with a full viewing of the web site prior to official publication on the Internet.

Astarte Web Design reserves the right to refuse to publish material it considers to be in breach of UK law. In the event that such material becomes apparent post publication Astarte Web Design reserves the right to immediately remove such content from the public domain. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure material published is legal. Any payment made for work which is subsequently found to contain copyright or illegal material will be forfeit by the Customer.

Any photographs of Customer's employees and/or family published on the web site will be on the understanding that full permission has been given to the Customer. In the event that the Customer wishes any photographs of minors to be published in the promotion of the Customer's services or products written permission from the parents or guardians of the minor(s) must be given to Astarte Web Design prior to use.

All copyright as regards site design and original content will be retained by Astarte Web Design and may not be used elsewhere without the written consent of Astarte Web Design.

Designs used on a Customer's site will not be used elsewhere without the written consent of the Customer for whose site they were created.

Any prices detailed in Astarte Web Design's web site or other marketing information will be for guidance only. A written quotation will be provided after discussion of the Customer's requirements and any such quotation remains valid for a period of 30 days from the date of production.

Any modifications to the original web site as submitted and quoted in the original commission will be considered outside the original scope of the contract and Astarte Web Design reserves the right to charge for such modifications following a further quotation if considered appropriate.

Astarte Web Design will if required supply information on suitable internet service providers domain names and forwarding but Astarte Web Design can neither guarantee the service providers' performance nor be held responsible for any lack of service caused by the service providers.


At the time of commissioning the web site the Customer will pay a deposit of 20% of the quotation for the web site design and build plus the full cost for any domain registration(s) plus one year's hosting/forwarding.

Commissions for and amendments to websites will only be accepted in writing.

Astarte Web Design will complete the work as outlined in the agreement to the reasonable satisfaction of the Customer prior to final payment.

Payment will be due within 7 days of final invoice. Full internet publication of the web pages will take place only after all payments due have been received.

Hosting Renewals

Web and email hosting will be billed annually [every year] or biennially [every two years] as agreed with the Customer and is payable on or before the renewal date unless a written cancellation notice is received by us 7 days before the renewal date.

An invoice will be raised prior to the renewal date and must be paid within the time stated on the invoice to ensure continued service.

Any invoice unpaid after 30 days will have a £20 administration fee added on and a statement / reminder will sent to the Customer.

If payment for web or email hosting is not received by the service renewal date the service will be suspended.

Any invoice unpaid after 45 days will be referred for debt collection and any web or email hosting connected to it will be cancelled.

Domains and Renewals of Domains

In the event that the Customer wishes Astarte Web Design to register a domain name Astarte Web Design will do so with the appropriate registrar.

The full cost for the initial domain registration will be invoiced by and must be paid to Astarte Web Design in advance of such registration.

Domain name renewals will be undertaken as required on the due date subject to the full cost of such renewal having been made to Astarte Web Design at least 7 days prior to the renewal date. Domain renewals will be invoiced to the Customer approx 6 weeks prior to the renewal date.

Domains for which no renewal payment is received will not be renewed by Astarte Web Design.

Any further negotiations with the domain name registry will be subject to agreement between the Customer and Astarte Web Design.

Where Astarte Web Design arranges a domain name registration the name will remain the legal property of the client for the period of the domain registration. Astarte Web Design will have no claim on or rights to the name.

Where an invoice remains unpaid by a client after the domain renewal date Astarte Web Design accepts no responsibility for the loss of the domain name or any subsequent loss due to its non-renewal.

Cancellation of Services

If the Customer wishes to cancel any hosting service then written notice must be received by us at least 7 days prior to the date of cancellation or renewal.

If the Customer wishes not to renew a domain name then written notice must be received by us at least 7 days prior to the renewal date.

Failure to give written cancellation of a hosting service will result in the cost of the whole year's service being payable. This may also incur debt recovery services if unpaid.

Glossary - Explanation of Terms Used

Customer - the person commissioning the web site and who will be responsible for all payments due for providing same

Domain name - the web site address beginning http://www. also referred to as an Uniform Resource Locator - URL

Email - the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication

Forwarding - The forwarding or redirecting of a domain name URL to a web site hosted on a different webspace

Hosting - The "housing" of a web site by a service provider

Internet - An international network linking computers for the sharing of information

ISP - Internet Service Provider - a company which provides access to the internet

Minor - A person of either gender below the age of 18 years

Webmail - Email accessed via a web page interface

Web Page - A single page of text and graphics in a format another computer can read usually but not necessarily containing links to further pages

Web Site - A group of linked pages at one URL or web address

WWW - The World Wide Web - the network of linked pages of formatted text and graphics accessed via the internet

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