What We Charge

This is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string! The short answer is there is no short answer. What we charge depends on what you want us to provide.

For instance, if you require a very simple web site of up to 8 pages with a contact form, a .co.uk/.org.uk domain name registration, webhosting* on UK-based fast servers, and registration with major search engines, the starter price would be £250. (Note - we are not VAT registered therefore there is no VAT content charged). * The hosting fee is included for the first 12 months, subsequently a charge for annual hosting will be made (see below.)

Larger sites involving more pages, guestbook scripts, content management systems, photo galleries, etc. would be priced dependant on the amount of time estimated to complete the site. Any travelling necessary for taking digital images (photographs) required for the site will be charged accordingly.

If you require us to make regular updates to the site they would be charged either at an agreed contract rate or at our standard hourly rate depending on your needs.

Domain name registration is subject to availability of the chosen name. We are able to register and renew many domains for you - please see our Domains page for more details.

If you want web hosting for a site you have created yourself we can create a package to suit your needs. Our webhosting packages start from £80 p.a. See the Hosting page for more info or ask us for a quote based on your own requirements.

To be able to give you a realistic price we need to discuss with you what your requirements are, so please don't hesitate to contact us.