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In order to send e-mail securely through our mail servers, the SMTP authentication option needs to be enabled within your e-mail client software.

The exact method for doing this differs depending on the software used.

Instructions for configuring SMTP authentication in Outlook Express are below:

1. Click the Tools menu at the top of the window and then click Accounts.
2. Click the Mail tab on the resulting Internet Accounts Window, and select your e-mail account.
3. Click Properties to open the Properties dialogue box for your e-mail account.
4. Under the Outgoing Mail Server heading, check the My Server requires authentication box and click OK.

Instructions for configuring SMTP authentication in The Bat! are below:

1. Select the account name you wish to amend.
2. Select Account menu > Properties.
3. Select Transport from the left hand menu.
4. In the SMTP section you will see the SMTP server name smtp.yobunny.co.uk and then a button labelled Authentication, click that button.
5. In the next box which opens tick the box alongside Perform SMTP authentication and select Same user/password as for mail retrieval.
6. Click OK to save your setting, then OK again to exit Account Properties and you're done.

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