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Author Topic: Changing color and size of text in default templates  (Read 3752 times)

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Changing color and size of text in default templates
« on: July 04, 2008, 10:52:03 PM »
When I use the default templates, the signature comes out in tiny, light grey print.

However, when I go into the template editor, everything is plain text with no evidence of font, color, or size being specified, and no way to change them.

It seems that there should be separate templates for HTML-formatted email, or that the selection of the HTML message editor would also select it for the template editor.  But it doesn't seem to work that way.

I've searched everywhere for help with this; the fact that no one else has asked suggests to me that I am missing something that is painfully obvious.  But I am stuck and would appreciate any help.



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Re: Changing color and size of text in default templates
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2008, 06:44:48 AM »
Hi and welcome to the board. You don't say which version of TB! you are using, so I'll give the details how to change it in the version I use - 3.62.09).

Open TB! and look at the top menu links. Go to the one called Options and click it. From the dropdown menu choose Preferences. This opens a new box with lots of settings to tweak. The left side of the box should have a menu listing... look down for Viewer/Editor. Click it and a sub-menu drops down from there. Choose HTML/Windows Editor.  In the box that you now see a pane entitled HTML/Windows Editor Layout which shows you what each part of an HTML message looks like. At the bottom of that pane you should see in pale grey the following:


Put your mouse anywhere in that bit of text and you'll see below it that the Item Box will change to Signature Text and the Colour box alongside it will show Medium Grey. Use the dropdown menu in the colour box to change the text colour to one you prefer.  You can also change the font face, size and display attributes in the same place using the boxes below.  Click OK to save your settings.

(Click thumbnail image below to compare settings pane if your TB! version is different to mine.)

Hope this helps. :)



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