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Author Topic: How does TB! decide which template to use if someone is in more than one group  (Read 3776 times)

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Still trying to learn the ropes here.  I have just worked out how to assign special templates for new, reply and forward when someone is a member of a group (OK, I'm sure it may seem obvious to you if you've been using TB! for ages, but the functionality is so vast it is sometimes difficult to find what you're looking for).  Anyway, before I go and categorise my fairly vast address book to make this work, thought I'd better check ...what happens if:
a) you send a message to someone who is a member of two groups, both of which have specific templates for new messages
b) you send a message to someone who is a member of two groups, one of which has a specific template for new messages

I guess what I'm asking is ...for a) will TB! get confused or just pick one of the templates at random? and for b) will TB! use the template that is specified?  If there is any kind of conflict or confusion in the way it operates I will need to be careful to assign just one group to each contact (but I'd rather be able to assign more than one)

Cheers, Colin

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Hi Colin, it rather depends on how you pick the person to send to.  Because TB! has so many ways of doing things, and we tend to find the one which suits us best by trying things out. But the easiest way to determine which template is used is by using the address picker function when creating a new message. So, to create a new message click the New message icon or select New message from the menu or click F5 (see what I mean about ways to do things?  :-D) - then on the TO line put your mouse cursor over the To itself and it turns into an active link to your address book and opens a selection box where you can choose your recipient from whichever group you want. By doing it this way it will use the template assigned to that group. If the contact is in more than one group then you'd use the entry from the second group instead of the first group to use the alternate template.

Where it gets more complicated is if you use the drop down list which TB! remembers in each of the new message lines such as To, CC, BCC. Those will always remember the last setting you used for that contact, which might not be the same as the template you want to use the next time. (I have this problem all the time, as I have contacts who are (a) friends and (b) clients and (c) members of social groups I belong to so they will be in all three groups, and sometimes I forget to use the address book picker and end up with the wrong template  from the drop down list!)

You also need to be aware that there is a hierarchy for templates, and that TB! will use them in a certain order of precedence if they exist, e.g. if you have a contact in a group which has a template, but then create a personal template for that person as well, then TB! will use the personal template in preference to the group template. Similarly, there are account templates (i.e. the default for an email account) and folder templates. TB! uses templates in the following order:
1. Address Book individual contact
2. Address Book group
3. Mail folder
4. Email account

You can also add extra functionality to templates via the use of Macros, of which TB! has a host, and by the use of Regular Expressions in Macros in Templates. This is a little more advanced, but expands the capability of your address book and your templates greatly.

Hope this helps, but feel free to ask more if you get stuck.  8)

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Thanks Anne - it is all clear now!   :)


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