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Author Topic: Ritlabs needs your help!  (Read 1637 times)

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Ritlabs needs your help!
« on: January 11, 2016, 12:16:28 AM »

From the The Bat! Beta mailing list:
Dear Passionate Supporters,
You've been with us since 1998 (and even before)! We need you help to save our company from an abuse. This abuse can put an end to the company.
Since September 2015 our company, Ritlabs, SRL is being abused by police and prosecutors. We have experienced similar attempts before, but now they have taken an acute form. On September 14, 2015 the Police performed search, authorized by a judge, in our office, and seized hard disk drives from all computers, and on December 4, upon authorization of the same judge, they ordered to permanently block all our bank accounts. The judge’s orders in both cases were issued in closed hearing, where we could not present our arguments. There is no such a law in Moldova to permit for a Moldovan court to allow an ex parte suspension of a bank account. But this law was violated in case of Ritlabs, SRL. We have filed an appeal on December 8 and today we have prevailed. The Appeals Chamber has quashed the court order that has blocked our bank accounts. However, we still didn’t get a written decision that we might have shown to the bank. So we still cannot make payment. And the Police and the Prosecutors can make new searches and seizures and block accounts again, for them it is incredibly easy. Our company, Ritlabs, SRL, is not a party of this criminal case. While our accounts are blocked, the employees are not able to receive wages that we transfer monthly to their bank accounts, and we are unable to make any other payment, for example a payment to the hosting provider of our servers.
We think it is a deliberate attempt to destroy our company. If our accounts are blocked for more than 30 days, we will be forced to declare insolvency and liquidate and we will not be able to develop or support The Bat! any further.
How can the users of The Bat! help save the company and the product, and make it to be developed better and faster?
Please ask your local representative to send a diplomatic letter to a Moldovan embassy in your country to ask to recognize due process rights in any criminal proceeding related to Ritlabs, SRL, its employees and its assets, its bank accounts. Ask to recognize the legislation of Moldova and the international conventions of Human Rights.
For example, if you are in the United States, please contact your local US Senator, who is a ranking member on the Commerce Committee or another committee and who has a good relationship with you, and who is able to send a letter to the Moldovan embassy in DC asking them to recognize due process rights.
If a Moldovan embassy will receive such a letter from an official in your country and will forward it to Moldova, most likely Ritlabs, SRL will survive and will develop The Bat! and new products with much higher speed than before.
Maxim Masiutin
DirectorRitlabs, SRL



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