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Author Topic: Password problems  (Read 2292 times)

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Password problems
« on: November 28, 2002, 04:56:50 PM »
In a word - HELP
Being as I'm doing a new web site, my ISP, in this case it's 'attbi', tells me that I have to use a longer password. I used to use a 7 letter one, but now it's a 9 letter one.
I changed it in The Bat!, and now it keeps on asking me for a password. So, I uninstalled TB, and completely reinstalled it again, this time restoring all my old mail etc  with the backup files. But it still won't let me view any of my old mail, every time asking for the password!! Is there a way around this?
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TB! Password
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2002, 04:16:46 AM »

It sounds like you've inadvertently put the password onto your TB! account folders rather than changing it in your mail acount.   :|

Presuming that you do know what the new password is - under the Account menu at the top scroll down and you'll see two options for passwords - one is for changing the pop3 password (this is the one for your ISP mail account) and the other is for setting an access password - this second option will mean that you are asked for a password every time you want to read your mail.  

So, to remove this access password - simply click on the Set Access Password option in the Account menu - enter the password you used (presume the same as your ISP password?) and you'll then be given a second box to change the password.  This has 2 text boxes ********* for your password - clear them both and leave them blank.  This will reset the account to no access password.  Then click OK and you should be back to normal.

Then you'll need to use the Change POP3 password to change the password you use to log onto your ISP mail server to collect your mail.

Let us know how you get on!  :)


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