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Author Topic: disable "update account's data" popup dialog?  (Read 1623 times)

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disable "update account's data" popup dialog?
« on: March 25, 2003, 07:30:03 AM »
is it possible to disable the "update account's data" popup dialog? When it pops up and I'm not at the keyboard to close it, TB waits forever for a confirmation and so it stops checking for incoming messages. This isn't OK for me because I'm using TB as a list processor.

Background: TB checks a pop email account every 1 minute. Outlook also periodically checks the same email account but as IMAP. My ISP's pop/imap server locks the mailbox when IMAP is being  checked. When this happens TB pops up an OK dialog box that says
  account_name: check mail
  [ ]update Account's data
This is the box that I wan't to disable. The log window shows:
  date/time FETCH - Server reports error. The response is: -ERR [IN USE] user mailbox locked.


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