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Author Topic: Using 'Specials' for reply  (Read 1410 times)

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Using 'Specials' for reply
« on: June 17, 2003, 06:52:51 AM »
The 'Reply quoting selected text' in 'Specials' doesn't seem to work for me.Perhaps I'm doing it wrong.I have used various versions of TB and am currently using TB 1.63 beta11.
When I select some text from the original message and use F4 or the item from the 'Specials' menu,the reply-compose page comes up as I have set it in the Reply template.Can't this tool override the template settings?Or do I have to add some macros in the Reply template to enable the 'Reply quoting selected text'?
Can someone assist me on this?Perhaps this has been discussed earlier in this forum,but I haven't gone through all the posts in this forum.
One other thing.Is it possible to delete SELECTED downloaded messages directly on the server using TB?If yes,how do I do it?I prefer to leave messages on the server and wish to use a mechanism with TB(if available,as in the case of Calypso Email)by which I can delete selected downloaded messages from the server.Please enlighten me on this too.


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