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Author Topic: import outlook addrbk preserving categories  (Read 1531 times)

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import outlook addrbk preserving categories
« on: April 17, 2004, 01:26:26 AM »
Please help me import an Outlook address book to TB.

I have inherited a large Outlook address book that makes extensive use of Categories, that is an addrbk entry may belong to many different user-defined categories, graphically:

Single Outlook Address Book
|_entry: joe blow; categories: mktg, mgrs, project
|_entry: mary sloan; categories: lab, project

I want to import that addrbk to TB mapping each category onto a group and keeping each entry associated with all the groups (formerly categories) it belongs to, graphically:

Imported Outlook Address Book
|_group: lab; entries: mary
|_group: mktg; entries: joe
|_group: mgrs; entries: joe
|_group: project; entries: joe, mary

I want to do this automatically. Is there a way or a tool?

One key point is that I want one single TB record for joe and for mary--is this even possible? I'm not clear by TB group structure--the same person's record REUSED for each OU category that it originated from, the same person's record per OU entry, each record associated with exactly all the TB groups that correspond to the record's OU categories.

If what I want to do isn't possible, then what is the suggested way to adapt OU categories to TB address books?



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