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Author Topic: Online TB! Help Sources  (Read 4263 times)

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Online TB! Help Sources
« on: June 08, 2004, 02:12:55 PM »
As well as using this board there is a whole collection of How To's and Tutorials for TB! which users may be unaware of, so I figured a posting listing those may be useful. (You can still ask on this board of course, but it's nice to know of other places to find info isn't it? :wink:) Resources which are no longer online have been marked strikethrough rather than removed as they may be accessible via the Internet Archive at

TB! Beginners' Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Archived page:

TB! FAQ Page:

TB! How Do I? Page:

TB! screenshots of various features:

Simple Intro - How to use the Mail Dispatcher:

TB! Filters and How to Use Them:

Templates - an Introduction:

TB! Templates & Macros Explained:

TB! User Discussion Lists (in various languages):

How to use TB! to run your own mailing list:

List of undocumented (i.e. not in the Help File) shortcuts:

Archived page:

TB! Macro & Quick Template Library: <---- LINK UPDATED JAN 2011

TB! Regex Macro Collection:

Regex Tutorial:

Using non-default glyph (icon) sets with TB!:

The Bat! Tips, Tricks and Secrets <---- LINK UPDATED JAN 2011
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