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Author Topic: HELP - need filter words in text of TB  (Read 4997 times)

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HELP - need filter words in text of TB
« on: November 10, 2005, 10:48:50 PM »

I have searched all over for answers but have found none - I need to set up a incoming template that will sort/filter on
WORDS with in the body text of TB.

I can not find any where how to set up I have found a page of examples(one below) but have no Idea where  it would go or even if it filters on the body text.    :huh2:

 :help:Name: Spam: Money problems
Active: 1
Source: \Inbox
Target: \Inbox\Spam
CopyFolder: \\\\none
MainSet: 50Paying.{0,25}Much
AltSet:1: 50Mortgage
AltSet:2: 30(?ims)Million.*Dollars?
AltSet:3: 50Mortage Rate
AltSet:4: 50Business Proposal
AltSet:5: 50Lower Payment
AltSet:6: 50(Big|Much|More|Grant) Money
AltSet:7: 50Jackpot
AltSet:8: 30Financial
AltSet:9: 30Monthly Payment
AltSet:10: 30Low.?Rates
AltSet:11: 30Wasting Money
AltSet:12: 30Compete.*Your Business
AltSet:13: 50Investment
AltSet:14: 50Income
Actions: faMarkRead,faoRegExp,faSetColor
ColourGroup: Spam
IsOfColour: Spam


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Re: HELP - need filter words in text of TB
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2005, 12:32:31 AM »

I don't know why the need for further searching? The Sorting Office in TB! already can filter words from incoming mail then sorts them according to provided selections. Setting up more complex detections than what is default can be used also as defined in the TB! Help Topics.



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