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Who or what is a Printer's Pudding?
A printer's pudding is a term used by traditional printers who use single letters (slugs) to set text into a composing frame for printing on a letterpress machine. The pudding was a container into which any odd letters which hadn't been returned to their proper font tray were tossed, ready for the apprentice or junior to sort out when they had a spare few minutes. It really means a jumble of letters of various sizes and font faces. Having spent a decade as a letterpress printer I decided to adopt the term for my copywriting venture, as it's memorable and catches the attention of the reader.

How much will it cost me to have you write for me?
That depends on how much you want writing. If it's just a couple of paragraphs or a press release then it won't be very much. If you want me to write (or rewrite) your website texts or write a longer document for you it will be more. The easiest way to find out is to give me a call on 01524 781306 and tell me what you are after and I'll work you out a price. There's no commitment on your part until we agree a price.

I need a piece this afternoon, how long will it take you to write it?
Again, it depends on how long it is, and how much background needs to be gathered for the piece. The minimum turnaround time realistically is 2-3 hours to maintain my standard of work, but call me anyhow as I may be able to do it quicker for you.

Phone me on 01524 781306 or drop me a line via the Contact tab on the left