A Rather Taxing Day by Anne Nichols & Barry Morgan

A Rather Taxing Day

a 10 minute (minimum) one-act sketch by Anne Nichols & Barry Morgan


PJ Baxter is 60 and has recently taken early retirement. He is looking forward to spending time with his wife Bunny, with perhaps a little holiday when his expected tax refund arrives. Things aren't quite going according to plan...

Bunny has a bit of a shock when the post arrives, it contains a letter addressed to her husband, but the taxman thinks he is deceased. Having checked for vital signs, Bunny knows this is not the case, but how do they convince the taxman?

The sketch takes place in 3 places which can use a stage lit in sequence as the sketch progresses or 3 separate areas if staged in the round:

  • house (needs to represent a bedroom, a kitchen and have a door with letterbox)
  • car (can be simple cut out against a flat or projected background)
  • tax office (simple desk and chair arrangement)

A4, stapled

Performance licence & script:
This sketch is available for amateur use at a cost of £10 which includes a non-transferable unlimited number of performances licence and postage

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