Burton Tech Support was founded in early 2002 but did not really begin trading until August of that year following the inclusion of their first advertisement in Burton News (the local village magazine).

The aim of BTS is to provide effective and reasonably priced PC support to Burton and the surrounding area, although we will consider work from anywhere within reason (no calls from St. Ives please!!) subject to a (low) Call Out fee.

Working from home has advantages over the traditional shop based operation in that our costs are significantly reduced so this saving is passed on in our lower charges. It also means we are effectively available 24/7 (but we do need to have some time off too so please be patient if you have to call a few times.)

We are always ready to take on work that is different or which would be classified as 'uneconomical' otherwise. Remember, we do not charge by the hour but on a 'per job' basis so elusive problems won't run up huge bills!!

Telephone: 01524 781306 (9am - 9pm)