Recommended Software

This is a new section of the BTS website is constantly being revised ( so keep popping back to see what's been added ! )

Note these are ALL programs used and verified by us at BTS as being the best currently available, so this list is subject to change as new programs come along, or changes make them no longer usable. ( e.g. The recommended Anti-Virus used to be Kaspersky but it has become too resource heavy !! ) Anti-Virus Protection ( your number one defence mechanism on-line )

Eset Nod32 antivirus

Putting a PC on the Internet without any Virus protection has been likened to walking the unlit streets of a large city at night - sometime soon you are going to get pounced on by some low-life and mugged ! Quite simply, just don't do it !!

An Alternative Way

If all the above makes your hair stand on end and you are wondering whether or not it's a good idea to keep using the Internet at all then nobody can blame you for thinking that. It really is a jungle out there - but only if you are using Windows as your Operating System. There is an alternative now and it is one the we at BTS are using every day - Linux !

You may have heard of this Linux before and have been told it's for geeks and is difficult to use, this used to be true .... not any more ... the Linux desktop is here, it is easy to use, it is not prone to viruses, trojans, spyware etc etc ....

.... it just works !!!

As a matter of fact not a single MicroSoft program was used to produce this web site. How is it done??

The answer is Ubuntu - a version of Linux that is made to work just like Windows and is easy to get used to. It even will run many Windows programs if you just can't get used to the Linux alternatives - can you imagine using Internet Explorer and not have to worry about getting Spyware, or Outlook Express without worrying about e-mail attachments??

Find the download link to Ubuntu Linux here

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