Tel Support

Customers are welcome to telephone with technical queries that may arise. This is NOT limited to the work carried out by BTS or the item(s) actually worked on.

All that is required is a valid BTS reference number and confirmation of details held regarding that reference ( e.g. make of PC, amount of RAM, work done last etc. )

Telephone calls will be on our listed number so will be at BT's ( or whichever provider you use ) standard rates.

Once you become a BTS customer then you have lifetime telephone support from us, as long as you still have the equipment we have worked on ( tech support is transferred with the equipment when it is sold - in the case of equipment being disposed of as non-functional then tech support calls will still be valid ). Calls are welcome most any time of the day or evening and any day of the week, and if we are not in then please leave a message on the ansaphone !!

Non-Customers are also welcome to submit technical queries however this will have to be by Email only. BTS customers will have the option of either E-Mail or telephone support however if contacting by E-Mail please include your BTS reference number.

Telephone: 01524 781306 (9am - 9pm)