The following conditions will apply to any systems submitted for repair or upgrade either at the customer's own premises or at BTS's workshop. ( System is taken to mean the item(s) of computer equipment supplied by the customer to BTS for the repair or upgrade work )

Although BTS will endeavour to protect the integrity of any data stored on Hard Drives or Customer's Media that may be supplied it is strongly advisable to make backup copies of irreplaceable data. In cases where the fault with the system makes this not possible by the customer then BTS can try to copy such data that the customer deems required onto another Hard Drive or CDROM before commencing work on the system. This will incur an extra cost depending on the amount of data and difficulty of transfer and will be advised at the time of request. Where the customer accepts this service then all such copied data will be erased after subsequent repair or if the system is deemed beyond repair and returned.

In the event of any copied data being accidentally lost by BTS then the claim against BTS will be limited to the cost of the repair/upgrade. No liability for subsequent loss due to the non-availability of the data can be entertained.

Where the customer declines to accept the data copy service or the data cannot be accessed then data integrity cannot be guaranteed. BTS will of course still take all precautions necessary for data safety but no claim for data loss can be made against BTS.

Upgrades will not normally involve hazard to data but where a possible hazard is encountered then this will be advised and the data copy option offered.

Systems submitted for repair/upgrade that have been repaired/upgraded previously by other than BTS or tampered with will be accepted on the understanding that faults arising due to such previous repair/upgrade or tampering may involve more investigation time than usual. Where this is the case then a charge will be incurred for any extra time involved. The customer will be advised of this in writing before any further work is carried out and written consent must be given to proceed

BTS operates a 'No Fix No Fee' policy. However Data Copy fees and/or Extra Investigation charges incurred will still be applicable even if no repair/upgrade can be effected.

Where BTS is called out to a customer's premises, journeys under 5 miles radius from BTS will not be charged, subject to the limitation as noted under Call Out. Above 5 miles radius from BTS then a charge of 45p* per mile will be incurred per site visit, payable upon completion of the repair/upgrade or on-site consultation. Journeys to the customer's premises solely for the return of systems will be FOC. If called out and BTS subsequently declines to accept the work or can offer no advice then no call out charge will be made.
* valid at the time of uploading this website but subject to review, please enquire about current charge when making an appointment.

Repairs will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from return date. Upgrade devices will carry the manufacturer's warranty and are subject to the correct usage conditions of that manufacturer. In case of failure then BTS will liaise on behalf of the customer if required however the manufacturer's decision will stand regarding replacement. Where a device has failed and a replacement is authorised then BTS will install the replacement device FOC.

Customers please note that due to the complex nature of computer systems, faults not arising directly from work done by BTS cannot be warranted. Systems will however be checked prior to return and any areas of concern commented on the invoice.

BTS will provide free lifetime telephone and email technical support to all customers whilst ever they own the item(s) of equipment with a BTS reference number. This support will be valid for whomever the system is transferred to. Previous customers are still welcome to use the Email support of course.

Systems with a BTS identification number will remain under BTS warranty even if sold by the present owner within the lifetime of such warranty. Upgrade devices will only be warranted when the system is sold on if the manufacturer accepts a claim from the new owner.

Payment will be due upon return of a system to the customer or upon collection from BTS. Cash or cheques only - credit / debit cards cannot be accepted.

Data Protection Act(s) : Personal data will not be stored on any computer by BTS. An initial contact telephone number and/or email address will be taken and stored on a paper system, but other than that the customer will be identified by internal BTS reference number only on any documents stored on our computers.

Consent to proceed with the work implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Telephone: 01524 781306 (9am - 9pm)